UCLA Writers’ Program

I just finished another writing class through the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program. I actually took two at the same time. One focused on discovering your muse and writing through her; I found that Polyhymnia called most strongly to me. And the other was about children’s writing, taught by published author Catherine Ipcizade.

I could never say enough great things about the Writer’s Program. They have taught many students who have gone on to become published authors of books, articles, and screenplays.

I had wanted to take another class for the summer session, but the end date was just three days prior to my wedding. So I’m going to wait until the fall semester to alleviate some of that stress. That doesn’t mean I’m putting my writing on hold though. No, instead of a class I signed up for a four day intensive writer’s conference out here in Los Angeles.

To prepare for the conference I want to get more of my YA novel in progress written, so I can talk about it intelligently during any networking opportunities. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from reading countless agent and editor blogs, it’s “don’t get someone excited about a project that isn’t anywhere near done.” You never know when you may be the one picked to send off a sample to someone.

If all goes well with this conference, I will consider going to the winter conference in New York City. But I think the group has their planning all wrong – the summer session should be in New York and the winter session in Los Angeles! You have to be uber-dedicated to make the trek to NYC in the middle of January. You don’t even have the pull of Christmas decorations to make it better.


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