Hi and thanks for stopping by!

A little about me…I’m a Southern girl at heart who currently calls Southern California home. I grew up in Kentucky and also lived in Florida and Connecticut before coming to California. I like to say I’ve lived in three of the four corners of the United States. Don’t know that I’ll ever get to number four but I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest so it’s hard to say.

So why all the moving? Well I love to experience new worlds and new cultures, and yes there are both of those within our own country. I’ve hit 30 states so far and have a goal of reaching all 50 by the time I am 50. I’ve done a lot of international travel too…a whole lot in fact. I’ve been to 34 countries and 5 continents. My favorites? SO hard to choose…but right now I’d say Egypt is number one followed by a very close China. On my list to do next? Jordan and Vietnam.

So do I know what I’m talking about when I post about writing? Well I sure hope so. I’ve been immersed in books and the written word in one form or another my whole life. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in English from the University of Kentucky. I have a Master’s of Library Science degree from the Florida State University. And I’ve taken several post-grad creative writing classes through UCLA Extension’s Writer’s Program. I’ve been reading and writing all throughout that time.

I write fiction for young adults as well as personal essays and creative non-fiction for all ages. My work in progress is a young adult novel with a multi-cultural flair. It’s international but set in the US. But that doesn’t pay the bills (yet), so my day job is working for one of the largest entertainment companies in the world. I work in corporate communications which allows me the chance to do a whole other type of writing, but it all gets the creativity going. Plus I have the best perks ever with a playground as a backyard.

If you don’t hear much from me in late August / September, it’s not because I gave up, but rather because I’m getting married. I’ll be traveling for our out-of-state wedding and honeymoon and not blogging much during that time.


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