One Word – SCBWI

On day 1 of the SCBWI LA Conference, the conference faculty came on stage and did quick introductions. Quick, because there were a lot of them. And quick, because they each got to say their name and one word to describe them.

I caught several of these one words as they came across. It was impossible to get each one but these are enough to help form your own writing word. Think of that as you read these, and let me know what your word is. I’ll let you know mine at the end.

  • Josh Adams (agent) – timeless
  • Tracey Adams (agent) – hope
  • Jill S. Alexander (author) – twang
  • M.T. Anderson (author) – speechless
  • Bonnie Bader (editor) – start
  • Marion Dane Bauer (author) – wildcard
  • Susan Campbell Bartoletti (author) – revision
  • Ashley Bryan (illustrator) – freedom
  • Priscilla Burris (illustrator) – portfolios
  • Ginger Clark (agent) – compartmentalize
  • Tina Nichols Curry (author) – original
  • Pat Cummings (author/teacher) – share
  • David Diaz (illustrator) – deliciousness
  • Kathleen Duey (author) – stretch
  • Julia Durango (author) – layers
  • Bruce Hale (author) – love
  • Deborah Halverson (author) – mold
  • Deborah Heiligman (author) – nosy
  • Ellen Hopkins (one of my fave authors!) – banned
  • Arthur A. Levine (editor) – choreography
  • William Low (illustrator) – dream
  • Stephanie Owens Lurie (editor) – entertainment
  • Krista Marino (editor) – loyalty
  • Mac McCool (illustrator) – adventures
  • Brenda Murray (editor) – zombies
  • Alexis O’Neill (author / teacher) – gigs
  • Greg Pincus (social media consultant) – connections
  • Alice Pope (SCBWI blogger) – friend (as a verb)
  • Jennifer Rees (editor) – vision
  • Michael Reisman (author) – awake
  • Lauren Rille (designer) – charm
  • Francesco Sedita (publisher) – cocktails
  • Erica Silverman (author) – Save the Library (it’s 3 words but I’ll give it a pass as it’s about the wonderful LA Public Library and the effort to keep it from ongoing budget and staff cuts!)
  • Ken Wright (agent) – thrilled

So what’s my word? It was touched on briefly by Erica Silverman, but no one used it as their sole word.


Why did I choose this one? It’s where I got my first taste into the vast world of books, and it’s stayed with me ever since. Yeah, take that FOX Chicago, people still do go to libraries and they are a great use of our tax dollars.

A little on my history with libraries:

Youth – started going to our small, small, small town library, which was attached to City Hall. Spent many an hour playing Oregon Trail and Family Feud on floppy disks in my elementary school library. Wanted to stay there forever.

High School – worked as an assistant in our high school library. Wanted to stay there forever.

College – worked all 4 years as a student assistant in the University of Kentucky main library. We switched from the Margaret I. King Library to the William T. Young Library my senior year. My focus was on interlibrary loan. Did the most extensive research on all my papers due to always being in the library. Was told by several professors that no student had ever done the amount of research I had for papers. Wanted to immerse myself in research forever.

Career (eleven years ago) – started my career with my current company in their Library & Research Center. Decided to pursue it further by getting  a master’s degree in library science.

Grad School – worked full time and got an MLS from the Florida State University.

Career (today) – stayed with the same company instead of going into public library work. Now work in Public Affairs but use my library & research skills nearly every day. Am the research nerd in my department; if anyone needs to find anything out about anything, they know who to go to.

Life (today) – Volunteer and serve on the Board of Directors for the Huntington Beach Public Library Literacy Volunteers. Teach new immigrants and others without vital reading / writing skills basic English. Frequently check out more than I can read just because I love having the books around.

So LIBRARY it is. My word of the day, but also of my life. What’s your word and your story?